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In a new study, James Hansen pushes nuclear power as saving more lives than it has harmed

This is sure to get some enviros in a tizzy. From Chemical and Engineering News of the American Chemical Society: Nuclear Power Prevents More Deaths Than It Causes Climate Change: Study estimates that nuclear energy leads to substantially fewer pollution-related … Continue reading

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Why the Marcott et al FAQ was published on Easter Sunday

Steve McIntyre explores this question along with the bigger question about the core top redating which created the Marcottian uptick: Q. Why did realclimate publish the Marcott FAQ on Easter Sunday?

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Global Cooling – Methods and Testable Decadal Predictions

Guest post by Dr. Norman Page 1. Methods and Premises My approach to climate science is based on Baconian empirical principles as presented in a series of earlier posts on this site (http://climatesense-norpag.blogspot.com)  notably: 6/18/10 Thirty Year Climate Forecast 7/19/12 30 … Continue reading

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UAH Global Temperature Report: March 2013 – temperature unchanged from February 2013

Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14 C per decade March temperatures (preliminary) Global composite temp.: +0.18 C (about 0.32 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for March.

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