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Quote of the week – ‘bad eggs’ in the Marcott et al non-stick omelete recipe

This is a scathing and revealing comment from another scientist regarding the Marcott et al affair. The context of it all has an odor of hydrogen sulfide about it. About these ads

About these ads
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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

The Week That Was: 2013-03-30 (March 30, 2013)  Brought to You by SEPP ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project ################################################### Quote of the Week: The first principle is that you must not fool yourself–and you are the easiest person … Continue reading

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Marcott issues a FAQ on their paper

This is from Real Climate, who played the “he who must not be named” game again in not pointing out criticisms. Gavin dissapoints. UPDATE: McIntyre responded earlier today with The Marcott Filibuster Marcott et al have posted their long-promised FAQ at … Continue reading

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Easter puzzle: the Chinese Egg

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Since this is the time of year for Easter eggs, here is a Chinese puzzle. The object is to break the egg into nine pieces, as shown, and rearrange them into the shape of a … Continue reading

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The Mail on Sunday takes on the CCC

David Rose of the Mail on Sunday is having a go at the Committee on Climate Change for their denial of the points raised in his article last week and this graph, which was sourced from NCAR and used in … Continue reading

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“Global warming predictions prove accurate”– Guardian

Guest post by Paul Homewood The Mail on Sunday ran an article by David Rose a couple of weeks ago, pointing out just how woeful most climate models had been in predicting global temperatures in the last decade or … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls of Data Smoothing

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Since we’ve been discussing smoothing in datasets, I thought I’d repost something that Steve McIntyre had graciously allowed me to post on his amazing blog ClimateAudit back in 2008. Let me start by saying that when … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing the WUWT Paleoclimate Reference Page – Continued

Image Credit: – GISP2 – Moberg – Keigwin – HadCRUT3 By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” During the first crowdsourcing thread for the under construction WUWT Paleoclimate Reference Page, we had a number solid recommendations and WUWT moderator D.B. … Continue reading

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Dr. Michael Mann, Smooth Operator

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach People sometimes ask why I don’t publish in the so-called scientific journals. Here’s a little story about that. Back in 2004, Michael Mann wrote a mathematically naive piece about how to smooth the ends of … Continue reading

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James Hansen Says Coal Is Greening The Planet!?!

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There’s an interesting measure of atmospheric CO2, called the “airborne fraction”. The airborne fraction is the fraction of the CO2 emitted each year which remains in the atmosphere. When humans emit say 9 gigatonnes of … Continue reading

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Gore to speak at Stanford – open to the public

From Al Gore to Speak at Stanford March 21, 2013 Former Vice President Al Gore will give a lecture on climate change on Tuesday, April 23, in honor of former Senior Fellow Stephen Schneider, a world-renowned climate scientist who died … Continue reading

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The puzzle: why have rising temperatures been on a ‘Twenty-year hiatus”?

Not sure that “sceptical fringe” would apply here, but I’ll take the press where we can get it. See my comments below. – Anthony Twenty-year hiatus in rising temperatures has climate scientists puzzled | The Australian DEBATE about the reality … Continue reading

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Antarctic summer effect confined to peninsula

From the British Antarctic Survey , at least they didn’t pull a Steig and try to claim the observed effect on the Peninsula affects the entire continent. The peninsula is essentially a different Koppen climate class than the main continent, … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: The Met office blunders again – warm bias in forecasting

From The GWPF and Dr. Benny Peiser Met Office Apologises For Wrong Forecast – And Makes Another One  Warm Bias: The Met Office’s Disastrous Track Record Met Office apologises for warning of ‘dry spell’ before wettest April on record. –The … Continue reading

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A misinterpreted claim about a NASA press release, CO2, solar flares, and the thermosphere is making the rounds

I loathe having to write this story because I truly dislike giving any attention to the people who are known as the “slayers” from the “Slaying the Sky Dragon” book. They now operate under the moniker of “Principia Scientific”. But, … Continue reading

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Second Lewandowsky conspiracy theory paper delinked from journal

I’ve been waiting to get some confirmation on this since yesterday , and now that I have it, I can state that the link to the second Lew paper Recursive fury: Conspiracist ideation in the blogosphere in response to research on … Continue reading

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Spencer, Ridley, and Gavin on Fox tonight

Readers may recall that Dr. Mann had an unprofessional visceral reaction to the invitation. Kudos to Dr. Gavin Schmidt for taking the invitation and to follow through with it in a professional manner*. Dr. Roy Spencer writes: Stossel Show: Schmidt, … Continue reading

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Almost Friday Funny – rotten to the core

Josh writes: Apologies for the lack of cartoons this month but I have been snowed under (!) with the day job. Even sadder when the Climate Blogosphere has had so much hilarious material on offer. This cartoon was inspired by … Continue reading

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McIntyre’s dissection of the Cook-Lewandowsky “Lying/deceiving/incompetence” complex

You don’t need a degree in psychology to figure this one out, you simply need to be an astute observer. Steve McIntyre writes: Last fall, Geoff Chambers and Barry Woods established beyond a shadow of a doubt that no blog … Continue reading

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Cold cities use more energy than warm cities

From the Institute of Physics , comes this piece of research that suggests all the summer energy we use on air conditioning in warm climates doesn’t compare to the energy used to keep warm in cold climates. Cold cities less … Continue reading

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Howler of the day – pure comedy gold from Greg Laden

Note to Greg, Tom Nelson found it for me, no crystal ball or Oz powers needed.

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Climate Craziness of the Week – the new climate forcing

Taxes are the new climate forcing. I kid you not. From the NYT, columnist Gail Collins:

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Newsbytes: Britain Blocks Climate Change From G8 Agenda

From the GWPF and Dr. Benny Peiser Climate Sceptics Promoted To Key Government Positions The UK’s lead G8 negotiator rejected moves from Germany and France to make climate change a key talking point. Officials from the two countries are said … Continue reading

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TAO Rain, Sea, and Air Data

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I got to thinking about the effect of thunderstorms on the surface air temperature. So I figured I’d wander once more through the TAO buoy dataset. The data is available here. I swear, every time … Continue reading

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I get the heave-ho from Hayhoe

Some climate scientists we know sure are notoriously thin skinned, as an illustration of this, today I got blocked by Dr. Katherine Hayhoe on Twitter after making my one and only Twitter comment to her. See below. Here’s the comment … Continue reading

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Opinion: Life as a Target

Attacks on my work that are aimed at undermining true climate change science have turned me into a public figure. I am not vain enough to embrace that role. By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley (with no apologies to Michael E. … Continue reading

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A sea-change on climate sensitivity at The Economist

People send me stuff, today it was this “editors picks” from John Micklethwait, editor of The Economist. After years of being pro-warming, I was shocked to see this headline as a “pick”. It seems a change in editorial position may … Continue reading

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The descent of Mann’s legal standing

Story submitted by Rob Ricket Mann plays the victim in article from “The Scientist” Opinion: Life as a Target Attacks on my work aimed at undermining climate change science have turned me into a public figure. I have come to … Continue reading

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In where I get targeted by the Climate Science Rapid Response Team

Readers may recall that I became a target of Al Gore for getting some press. From Al Gore’s “Reality Drop” project, the GoreBots were given the orders. Read the entire interview by James Stafford here to see what got them … Continue reading

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Asteroid likely caused global fires, which led to extinctions

From the AGU: Global fires after the asteroid impact probably caused the K-Pg extinction About 66 million years ago a mountain-sized asteroid hit what is now the Yucatan in Mexico at exactly the time of the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) mass extinction. … Continue reading

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ENSO Myth Number 4 – The Variations in the East Pacific and the East Indian-West Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures Counteract One Another

OVERVIEW This is the fourth post in a series that presents myths and failed arguments created by proponents of manmade global warming about the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). A list of the earlier (with links) and future posts follows the … Continue reading

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Enivronmentalists worst nightmare? GMO’d ‘frankenbugs’ could make fuel directly from CO2

From the University of Georgia: UGA discovery may allow scientists to make fuel from CO2 in the atmosphere Athens, Ga. – Excess carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere created by the widespread burning of fossil fuels is the major driving … Continue reading

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Where’s the hockey stick? The ‘Marcott 9′ show no warming past 1950

More on the Marcott et al “hockey stick”. All of the ‘Marcott 9′ had altered dates. Guest post by John Kehr While it took me a while to get the time together to write an article about the Marcott paper, … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – solving the peer review integrity issue

A poll follows. Over at Bishop Hill, he’s listed some quotes from Geoffry Boulton on scientific integrity that I found interesting. He writes (with apologies for posting in full, I couldn’t see any way to excerpt this short article): ============================================================== … Continue reading

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Earth’s orbital debris – it’s a drag

From the Global Aerospace Corporation Removing orbital debris with less risk Global Aerospace Corporation (GAC) announced today that the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is publishing an article entitled “Removing Orbital Debris With Less Risk” in the March/April … Continue reading

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