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Now what is ‘death train’ Hansen going to do? Clean coal process developed to extract energy without burning or CO2

From James Hansen’s, Bill McKibben’s and Joe Romm’s worst nightmare department, comes this uplifting science story from the Ohio State University. Basically they found a way to oxidize coal and extract energy without releasing any CO2. When a team of … Continue reading

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Paging Chuck Rice at Kansas State – real data is calling you, collect

Oh Dear, Another Climate Scientist Makes A Fool Of Himself Guest post by Paul Homewood I sometimes get accused of being too dismissive of Climate Scientists, probably with justice. However, there are times when they just set themselves up to be … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Harvard’s McElroy: ‘Bridges may be in the wrong place’ for climate change

From Harvard University , where you can’t tell them much, comes this laughable press release. I loved this line “Bridges may be in the wrong place“. Then the author, Michael McElroy, goes on to connect the long debunked “climate change … Continue reading

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It’s the Sun stupid – The minor significance of CO2

Guest post by Dr. Norman Page 1 The IPCC’s Core Problem The IPCC  - Al Gore based  Anthropogenic Global Warming scare has driven global  Governments’ Climate and Energy Policies since the turn of the century. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been … Continue reading

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Predicting Power Madness at Decadal Scales

In light of the recent announcement by Ofgem chief executive Alistair Buchanan that the chances of avoiding power cuts looks very slim in the UK, Dr. John Brignell, proprietor of the Number Watch Blog, writes in with this note about … Continue reading

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Wuebbles gone wild – hilarious claims of ‘wall to wall’ severe weather on cable news is not science

A couple of days ago there was this PR from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I decided it was just too ridiculous to get any traction. I was wrong, an even more ridiculous press release followed this one. Only … Continue reading

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Gold Fever

Guest post by Willis Eschenbach I first met my friend Mel in the Army nuthouse. I wrote about him before, and the nuthouse, in a piece called “It’s Not About Me“. I hadn’t seen him for a couple months. One … Continue reading

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