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Carbon tax hallucinations

Carbon taxes will do nothing for revenues or climate, but will hurt job and economic growth Guest post by Paul Driessen Average planetary temperatures haven’t budged in 16 years. Hurricanes and strong tornadoes are at or near their lowest ebb … Continue reading

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Blackmailing the Japanese Ambassador

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I got to talking and laughing with my lovely lady today about old Billy Bennett. Billy was a rascal and a rogue and an erstwhile killer of men and a gentleman, another of those odd … Continue reading

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Global Warming Consensus Looking More Like A Myth

Image Credit – Wood For Trees and Werner Brozek From the Investor’s Business Daily: The global warming alarmists repeat the line endlessly. They claim that there is a consensus among scientists that man is causing climate change. Fact is, they’re … Continue reading

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The Sanders-Boxer carbon tax will be 15 times costlier than letting warming happen

Inter-temporal investment appraisal of the Sanders/Boxer carbon tax bill by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Standard climatological and economic techniques, combined in an investment appraisal of the proposed Sanders/Boxer carbon dioxide tax (U.S. Senate, 2013), show that even at a zero … Continue reading

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