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It was the best of times, it was [will be] the worst of times.

My brother stumbled across an interesting pair of headlines today. Nothing very new, but a nice collection yin and yang. Weather vs climate. Observation vs model. Boom vs bust. First, the yang. WUWT already covered this at Another ‘Vinerism’, or … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Carbon Tax bill coming Thursday to Senate

Senators Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer will outline the legislation on Thursday morning. They are even going to let that wacky 350.org activist Bill McKibben speak. Sheesh. Billed as “major” and “comprehensive” legislation, it will have a carbon tax. Here … Continue reading

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Text of Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address

Note the section on climate and energy in bold, looks like nothing more than lip service to climate to me. On the issue of energy, he seems to be proposing some sort of revenue diversion from oil and gas. It … Continue reading

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UV shift in the leaked IPCC report: more inversion of the scientific method

Guest post by Alec Rawls A Fox News story on the leaked draft of AR5 got big attention through the Drudge Report the other week. Fox reporter Maxim Lott begins by quoting a sentence from the Second Order Draft that … Continue reading

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State of the Union climate spin doctors stand ready to take your call

People send me stuff. In this case somebody sent me something that I hadn’t gotten through the ‘approved’ channels. Thanks to “Son Of Soylent Green” for this tip via email. Looks like Obama is getting ready to ramp up the … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News: Volume 4 #1 – Arctic Ice gain sets a new record

From the Nature abhors a vacuum department comes this note from RealScience showing that Arctic sea ice has made a stunning rebound since the record low recorded in the late summer of 2012. With a few weeks of growth still to … Continue reading

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A WUWT reader asks for some help

WUWT reader Jim asks: I am the reluctant presenter of Field Notes from a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert to our book group and I am a skeptic.  Any advice? I’ve not read the book, so I could not help him, … Continue reading

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BBC edits out climate warming data in climbdown

Just like the IPCC and its reliance on reports from activist NGO’s has gotten them burned, so has the BBC. From the Daily Mail: The BBC has been forced into an embarrassing climbdown over climate change claims made in Sir … Continue reading

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