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Does The Effect From The Cause Affect The Cause?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There’s been a recent paper claiming a long-term correlation between CO2 and sea level, discussed here at WUWT. The paper implies that CO2 controls temperature and thus indirectly sea level. I thought I might follow … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: The Weather Channel on crack

No, really, they must have been on crack when they came up with this one. I have no other explanation that works. First a primer. What is “Space Weather”?  Wikipedia (agreed not the best source but humor me, at least … Continue reading

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UAH Global Temperature Report: 2012 was 9th warmest

By Phillip Gentry, UAH Globally, 2012 was ninth warmest of the past 34 years; In the U.S., 2012 sets a new record high temperature Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14 C per decade December temperatures (preliminary) Global composite … Continue reading

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AGW Bombshell? A new paper shows statistical tests for global warming fails to find statistically significant anthropogenic forcing

From the journal Earth System Dynamics billed as “An Interactive Open Access Journal of the European Geosciences Union” comes this paper which suggests that the posited AGW forcing effects simply isn’t statistically significant in the observations, but other natural forcings … Continue reading

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Nigel Lawson Wins Climate Policy Bet

From the GWPF Oliver Letwin, David Cameron’s chief policy adviser, has conceded defeat in a £100 climate policy bet with Nigel Lawson which they had agreed four and a half years ago. Towards the end of a climate debate between … Continue reading

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Paleo sea level and CO2

From the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (UK) New study documents the natural relationship between CO2 concentrations and sea level By comparing reconstructions of atmospheric CO2 concentrations and sea level over the past 40 million years, researchers based at the National … Continue reading

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