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Today’s rush to judgment by MSM on new NHC proposed hurricane categorization

This was quite a circus to watch today. I didn’t bite. Early this afternoon, AccuWeather reported the National Hurricane Center had announced they were modifying the definition of hurricane warnings becuase of Hurricane Sandy. They made a big deal out of … Continue reading

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NOAA to release sea level report in time for AGU bookies to place bets

From NOAA Headquarters,  laughable claims gift wrapped for the fall AGU conference. They claim 8 inches to 6.6 feet (o.2 to 2 meters) over the next century….such wide variance doesn’t inspire much confidence, even though they claim “high confidence” in … Continue reading

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UNFCCC boss Christiana Figueres’ dreams spell a nightmarish future for Earth’s citizens

Christiana’s nightmare – for the rest of us By Craig Rucker This week, as United Nations luminaries gather in Doha, Qatar, for the 18th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Executive Secretary Christiana … Continue reading

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Projecting doom from our current wildfire year using climate models

From the AGU fall meeting in SFO. Personally, I think wildfire risk (especially in the USA) would be better predicted by observing ocean patterns (ENSO, PDO, AMO etc.) than trying to apply climate models. Further, it seems they are weighting … Continue reading

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WaPo’s Juliet Eilperin retracts false Heartland claims

From the Heartland Institute. Her’s a case where the alarmist side of the debate automatically seems to think it is “big oil” central, until such time they have to admit to their mistakes. Washington Post Corrects Lies About Heartland Institute, … Continue reading

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Another kind of ‘fracking’, this produces geothermal energy

From the AGU fall meeting comes some pragmatic engineering tests with fracking like methods that produce geothermal energy. Developers of renewable energy and shale gas must overcome fundamental geological and environmental challenges if these promising energy sources are to reach … Continue reading

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