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El Niño-Southern Oscillation Myth 1: El Niño and La Niña Events are Cyclical

Guest post by Bob Tisdale This is the first of a series of posts that address many of the myths and misunderstandings about the tropical Pacific processes that herald themselves during El Niño and La Niña events. Most of the … Continue reading

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On losing the 2°C battle

We’ve already posted on how China is moving right along now as the big kahuna of CO2 emissions, now it seems there’s some despair over the inability to miss the imagined 2°C target set by wishful thinkers. From CSIRO: The … Continue reading

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A carbon tax is climatically useless

 Guest post by Chipp Knappenberger – reposted from Master Resource by request “No matter how much you pay with a carbon levy, virtually nothing is received climatically…. No matter the level of domestic action that we take, it will pale … Continue reading

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On certainty: Truth is the Daughter of Time

This comment from Dr. Robert Brown at Duke University is elevated from a comment to a full post for further discussion. Since we have a new paper (Shepherd et al) that is being touted in the media as “certain” using … Continue reading

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Why ice loss and sea level measurements via satellite and the new Shepherd et al paper are highly uncertain at the moment

There’s a paper (Shepherd et al) on ice loss and sea level rise that has been making the rounds in media (such as this article in Science Recorder, claiming it validates global warming) that is causing some stir, mainly because … Continue reading

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Facing a triple threat: Doha, EPA and Congress

They are putting our energy, economy, jobs, living standards, health and welfare at grave risk Guest post by Paul Driessen Climate alarmists are meeting in Doha, Qatar, to hammer out a new international treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol that … Continue reading

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