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Thank you for watching WUWT-TV

Hello Everyone, I wish to offer my sincere thanks for your assistance and willingness for the help and ideas in putting together a presentation and appear on the WUWT-TV event. Much of this came from reader’s ideas and insight. We … Continue reading

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Announcing the launch of ClimateDialogue.org

Exploring different views on climate change Goal of ClimateDialogue.org ClimateDialogue.org offers a platform for discussions between invited climate scientists on important climate topics that have been subject to scientific and public debate. The goal of the platform is to explore … Continue reading

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‘Global Warming’ to Drought Links Shot Down

Now there’s one less ‘dirty weather’ claim for the bloviator in chief, Al Gore. A new paper just published and available for preview for the upcoming issue of Nature demonstrates that hyped claims that drought has increased aren’t founded in … Continue reading

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Glaciergate post script – they’ll shrink anyway

From Brigham Young University and the “IPCC, take your 2035 and shove it” department comes this study: Himalayan glaciers will shrink even if temperatures hold steady Come rain or shine, or even snow, some glaciers of the Himalayas will continue … Continue reading

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