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Quote of the week, bonus edition

There was so much quotable material flying around this week due to Hurricane Sandy, I could probably have a QOTW every day. But I thought this one was particularly well done: About these ads

About these ads
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Why I no longer subscribe to Popular Science

I actually stopped subscribing some time ago, but this would be enough to justify it all over again. Over at the magazine Popular Science, they’ve taken to shaming volunteers on Wikipedia if they don’t “toe the line” on climate change. … Continue reading

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A note to Bill McKibben: get used to it, few care enough to pony up money for your concerns

While paid political activist Bill McKibben wails about the “new normal” of supposed climate change driven severe weather stated here on CNN, buoyed by emotion but which is totally unsupported by the data, we have this new inconvenient truth: Climate … Continue reading

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The hybridization of hurricane Sandy

by Bob Henson, NCAR News with contributions from Dr. Ryan Maue Every so often, a quiet corner of research suddenly grabs the spotlight. Such was the case this week when a Category 1 Atlantic hurricane morphed into Superstorm Sandy (note- … Continue reading

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Frankenstorm-itis: Five degrees of Separation from Reality and Eleventy Gazillion Joules Under the Sea

Guest post by David Middleton This is a sort of sequel to my most recent guest post.   Any and all sarcasm is purely intentional. I ran across this really bizarre blog post from “The Energy Collective” on Real Clear Energy… … Continue reading

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