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Gasoline alchemy from water vapor and CO2

This seems almost scam quality – only time will tell if it is just another pipe dream. From WUWT Tips and Notes by J B Williamson; A small British company has produced the first “petrol from air” using a revolutionary … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 3 Number 14 – Arctic refreeze fastest ever

After all of the news about a minimum record ice extent last month, this is interesting. As we know when water loses its ice cover, it allows a lot of heat to radiate into space as LWIR. many predictied that … Continue reading

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Fading El Niño complicates NOAA’s winter forecast

Press release:  Elusive El Niño challenges NOAA’s 2012 U.S. Winter Outlook The western half of the continental U.S. and central and northern Alaska could be in for a warmer-than-average winter, while most of Florida might be colder-than-normal December through February, … Continue reading

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Gergis et al hockey stick paper withdrawn – finally

Between this withdrawal and the Esper et al paper showing the MWP and RWP warmer than today, Mike Mann must be having a really, really, bad day. Even SuperMandia in tights can’t help. Thanks to Richard Tol (and Marc Morano) … Continue reading

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Another cold blast for the USA in 7-10 days

Dr. Ryan Maue alerts us of this forecast via his Twitter feed: ECMWF 12z drops cold hammer on NW and Western US in 7-10 days. Trending much colder… Here’s the forecast graphic:

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Yet another paper demonstrates warmer temperatures 1000 years ago and even 2000 years ago.

Yesterday I highlighted the paper The extra-tropical Northern Hemisphere temperature in the last two millennia: reconstructions of low-frequency variability, by B Christiansen of the Danish Meteorological Institute and F C Ljungqvist of Stockholm University which showed that using a multitude … Continue reading

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