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Is Climate Change the Number One Threat to Humanity?

Guest post by Indur M. Goklany I have a new paper in Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, which asks the question, Is Climate Change the Number One Threat to Humanity? This is threshold question to which many who believe global … Continue reading

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Claim: CO2 makes you stupid? Ask a submariner that question

From Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, something that might finally explain Al Gore’s behavior – too much time spent indoors and in auditoriums giving pitches about the dangers of CO2. One wonders though what the Navy submarine service has to say … Continue reading

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Winning versus losing energy policy

We can and must rejuvenate our economy by developing America’s resource bounties Guest post by Paul Driessen “As the Democrats become more committed to, and defined by, a green agenda, and as they become dependent on money from high-tech venture … Continue reading

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No wonder ‘climate’ wasn’t mentioned in the presidential debate

While my favorite tweet this morning called climate “the third rail” (i.e. don’t touch the electrified rail or it will kill your presidential bid, there’s even a Wiki entry on it) the reality seems to be simply that it is … Continue reading

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New paper confirms the climate was warmer 1000 years ago

Mike Mann will have a twitfest on Twitter trying to knock this one down. Data from 91 Northern Hemisphere proxies was used to reconstruct temperature. See reconstruction graph (figure 5) below. Via The GWPF: A new paper, looking back at … Continue reading

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New paper cuts recent anthropogenic warming trend in half

Tamino (aka Grant Foster) will have his knickers in a twist over this one. Guest post by Marcel Crok (from his blog De staat van het klimaat) An interesting new paper (behind paywall) has been accepted for publication in the Journal … Continue reading

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