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A simple resolution to the ‘faint young sun’ paradox?

A faster rotating early-Earth may have compensated for reduced Sun output Guest post submitted by Ian Schumacher The ‘faint young sun’ paradox states that according to star models, billions of years ago the Sun would have only been about 70% … Continue reading

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Tisdale video on ‘dirty weather’ part two

Part 2 of We Now Control Weather – Extreme Heat Events, Dirty Weather, Climate Disasters Guest post by Bob Tisdale This video is the second in the series of videos titled We Now Control Weather – Extreme Heat Events, Dirty Weather, … Continue reading

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Climate negotiations relying on ‘dangerous’ thresholds to avoid catastrophe will not succeed

From the University of Gothenburg , some appearance of sanity. The identified critical threshold for dangerous climate change saying that the increase in global temperature should be below 2 degrees Celsius seems not to have helped the climate negotiations so … Continue reading

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A New Climate Change Policy Attitudes Survey

UPDATE: – Users have reported (and I’ve now experienced myself but it was not present in the test runs I made) some sort of web posting error at the end of the survey, so I’ve disabled it and notified the … Continue reading

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Wyoming experiences that “giant sucking sound” as new coal fired climate supercomputer is turned on

Did your lights dim yesterday? It might have been Trenberth’s “travesty calculator”. Readers may recall when I covered the announcement of the building of this new supercomputer: NCAR’s dirty little secret Measuring 108,000 square feet in total with 15,000-20,000 square feet … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week – Environmentalist ignores international moratoriums, dumps in the ocean

From the Toronto Star, an example of holier than thou environmentalism in the name of carbon sequestration. Environmental controversy erupts on Canada’s Pacific coast Raveena Aulakh Environment reporter The Pacific Ocean, just off Canada’s west coast, has a new suspect … Continue reading

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Dueling papers on Tropical Cyclone Frequency

Who to believe? One paper/press release says TC’s are occurring more frequently, another says they aren’t. I tend to believe the latter, because there seems to be more supporting data from other sources for it, such as Dr. Ryan Maue’s … Continue reading

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