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UAH Global temperature up slightly in September

UAH V5.5 Global Temp. Update for Sept. 2012: +0.34 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer As discussed in my post from yesterday, the spurious warming in Aqua AMSU channel 5 has resulted in the need for revisions to the UAH … Continue reading

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Reef Alarmists Jump The Shark

by Walter Starck (with thanks to Dr. Bob Carter) The Great Barrier Reef is doomed again. A recent widely publicised scientific study reports the dramatic finding that it has lost half its coral in the last 27 years. Forty-eight precent … Continue reading

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Death by Stoat

Elevated from a comment by Tom Rude. Chronicle of an announced death, Wikipedia style. I had not posted on this road movie for a while but the occasion is too good to resist. In the Wikipedia world there are crimes … Continue reading

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Thinning Arctic Ice; More Al Gore Aided and Abetted Misinformation?

Guest post by Dr.Tim Ball Al Gore did more to bring melting Arctic ice to global attention and concern than anyone. Polar bears became victims and poster animals for destructive human production of CO2. He’s done more than most in … Continue reading

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New technology enables CO2 emissions tracking down to the level of individual buildings

I wonder what sort of reactions will occur when the CO2 police come knocking on individual doors saying “you need to turn off your heater, you are killing the planet”? A video follows. From Arizona State University: Study maps greenhouse … Continue reading

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Now, alarmists are making the public believe in the extreme weather boogeyman

A new survey has been released by Yale in cooperation with George Mason University. In it, 74% surveyed say “global warming is affecting weather in the United States”. Personally, I blame Seth Borenstein, Kevin Trenberth, Bill McKibben, Joe Romm and … Continue reading

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Trenberth still hyping extreme weather events and climate change

Despite the recent editorial in Nature saying that there’s no current connection between the two, NCAR’s Dr. Kenneth Trenberth is going to pitch connections between extreme weather and climate change anyway at an upcoming seminar at the University of New … Continue reading

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Journey to the Center of the Mirth

You may have heard about this project: Jeff L. writes in WUWT Tips and Notes: You have to see this version of climate insanity – using climate alarmism to justify drilling BILLION dollar well to the mantle. I am a … Continue reading

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