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Low temperature records overwhelm highs in the USA this past week – where’s the media to tell us how this should be viewed?

If this had been summer, and the numbers reversed, you’d see Seth Borenstein writing articles for AP telling us this is ‘what global warming cooling looks like’. Maybe Bill McKibben will chime in about “melted frozen street lamps“. Here’s the … Continue reading

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The Department of Energy’s mushroom research

OK, from the title I’ll bet you are thinking: a. Mushroom clouds b. Keep me in the dark and feed me …. c. WTF If you answered “c”, you might be close after reading the press release headline. From the … Continue reading

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Another model failure – seeing a sea of red where there is none

Seeing red just took on a whole new meaning – Anthony Model-Data Comparison – Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies – November 1981 through September 2012 Guest post by Bob Tisdale This is not the monthly sea surface temperature update. See the post … Continue reading

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More ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ from Seinfeld

I’ve always said that the global warming story is just like another product of Vandelay Industries, as some of the more alarming parts foisted on us are simply sitcom variety fiction. Even Jim Hansen’s NASA GISS office has a hilarious … Continue reading

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‘On climate time scales there is no indication of increasing incidence of tornadoes…’

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. points out a new paper for which he is a co-author. Normalized Tornado Damage in the United States: 1950-2011 in press, Environmental Hazards Kevin M. Simmons, Daniel Sutter and Roger Pielke, Jr. In this case, a … Continue reading

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More medicalization attempts of climate skeptics by psychiatry professionals

Sigh, for some reason some people seem to think climate skeptics hate their children and grandchildren. I wonder if they’ve ever polled to compare with concerns for that other “pass on to the next generation” issue, our soaring national debt … Continue reading

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A paper unifying cosmic ray interaction, CFC’s ozone, and warming

On Cosmic-Ray-Driven Electron Reaction Mechanism for Ozone Hole and Chlorofluorocarbon Mechanism for Global Climate Change Qing-Bin Lu, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Waterloo Abstract Numerous laboratory measurements have provided a sound physical basis for the cosmic-ray driven electron … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s palm oil train wreck gets worse

From Stanford University , more bad news coming from Al Gore’s failed Goldman Sachs palm oil fantasy. Stanford researchers show oil palm plantations are clearing carbon-rich tropical forests in Borneo Expanding production of palm oil, a common ingredient in processed … Continue reading

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