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The Cyber Bonfire of GISS’s Vanities

I decided to make this a sticky top post for a day or two – it needs wide circulation. New posts will appear below this one. – Anthony Playing email hidey-ho in Hansenland to circumvent FOI laws Guest post by … Continue reading

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The ‘secret’ IPCC Stocker WG1 memo – found!

You may recall that WUWT reported this on Sepetember 6th, 2012: Game on – NOAA’s refusal of documents earns them a lawsuit Over the last couple of days, CEI’s Chris Horner has been emailing me news of a FOIA request he … Continue reading

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Big jump observed in scientific research fraud

Study: Fraud growing in scientific research papers WASHINGTON (AP) — Fraud in scientific research, while still rare, is growing at a troubling pace, a new study finds. A review of retractions in medical and biological peer-reviewed journals finds the percentage … Continue reading

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Al Gore on Obama’s failed debate performance – ‘it was the altitude’, not the attitude

I would not have believed this if I wasn’t able to see it myself. This bloviation even tops Gore’s “Earth’s interior is millions of degrees” comment on live TV. Watch this video segment from Gore’s Current TV: 

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So much for the theory that AGW increases water vapor and positive feedback

I liked this part: According to the study an important issue remains as to why the poleward expansion is largest in autumn, and there is still uncertainty about the role of external forcings – such as greenhouse gases – as … Continue reading

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Want to make a paper more alarming and appealing to coverage? Blame the Romans for climate change

By comparing today’s Nature paper to earlier versions I found just a few months old, it looks like some blame revisionism occurred after early discussions of this paper at NOAA in May 2012. Over at Australian Climate Madness, Simon points … Continue reading

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