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Climate goes off the presidential radar

Watching the debate tonight, I kept listening for some hint of the discussion of the “climate crisis”. Why? Because the League of Conservation Voters put out a broad petition campaign to influence moderator Jim Lehrer: But it didn’t work, not … Continue reading

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Record cold and snow to hit Great Plains

From the National Weather Service: “An early-season winter storm is expected to develop across eastern North Dakota into northern Minnesota beginning Wednesday night, as colder air filters into the region. Rain developing during the day on Wednesday will mix with … Continue reading

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Climate skeptics to once again get airtime on PBS

Uh oh. I’m sure this will cause brain explosions over at Joe Romm’s place and also at his politically bought and paid for ex-buddy Brad Johnson’s “Forecast the Facts” propaganda outlet. Maybe Brad will start another petition to keep us … Continue reading

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New paper predicts SST temperature based on Pacific Centennial Oscillation

Here’s figure 18, which I found interesting, especially the red line. – Anthony Guest post by Bob Tisdale Today, blogger “slimething” left me a link to the Karnauskas et al (2012) paper A Pacific Centennial Oscillation Predicted by Coupled GCMs. … Continue reading

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Bob Tisdale’s dirty weather control video – rated RR*

Bob Tisdale writes: I just uploaded a narrated video to YouTube titled “We Now Control Weather – Extreme Heat Events, Dirty Weather, Climate Disasters”. The first five minutes are basically a lead-in. Then I present the realities—the differences between models … Continue reading

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The Josh 2013 Climate Skeptic Calendar

I have been asked by Josh to gauge US interest.   These are done in small lots, so the price would be a bit higher than mass produced calendars at $20 USD + shipping for the 8.5 x 11″ size and … Continue reading

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Cheap Natural Gas, but wait – there’s more

Guest post by Ric Werme One minor sign of fall where I live is the arrival of a letter from the gas utility announcing the “Fixed Price Option (FPO) lock-in price” for the winter season. FPO offers a price which … Continue reading

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Al Gore denied film footage rights by an Australian filmmaker

[Note: I have the video footage denied to Al Gore available for viewing below, after seeing it, I can understand why Gore wanted it, and why the filmmaker denied him the right to use it. - Anthony] Old Ranga from … Continue reading

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