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Sea Ice News, Volume 3 Number 14 – Antarctic Sea ice near record high of 2007

While the Arctic recently set a new record low, lower than that of 2007, the Antarctic is at near record highs similar to that of 2007 according to University of Illinois Cryosphere Today data: Here are the values: 2007.7206 1.1396104 … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky backs down – removes “denier” citation from paper

Jeff Condon writes at the Air Vent: Over the past few weeks I have had several communications with Dr. Lewandowsky regarding his wonderful contribution to science very appropriately titled: MOTIVATED REJECTION OF SCIENCE NASA faked the moon landing|Therefore (Climate) Science … Continue reading

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A new meaning to “WiFi hotspot” – increased CO2 may ruin future WiFi connections

From Tom Nelson: Huffington Post: Carbon dioxide could ruin wifi connections for your kids Climate Change Effects: Things Global Warming Just Might Ruin For Your Kids [Scroll down at the link above: The alleged CO2-induced wifi problem is #26 of … Continue reading

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Roger Pielke Sr. enters Twitland

I figure I’ll help him out by announcing this for him to get him some followers, he has 13 as of this writing.

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Wildest lightning strike I’ve ever seen

Why being in a car during a lightning storm is the safest place to be As watcher of weather, both as as a one-time storm chaser as well as a person who gets sent email about weather of all kinds, … Continue reading

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Surprise: glaciers in Montana retreated up to 6 times faster during the 1930’s and 1940’s than today

A new paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews finds that alpine glaciers in Glacier National Park, Montana retreated up to 6 times faster during the 1930’s and 1940’s than over the past 40 years. The “Multi-proxy study of sediment cores … Continue reading

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Modeling the Riddle of the Sun’s Explosive CME’s

DURHAM, N.H. — Four decades of active research and debate by the solar physics community have failed to bring consensus on what drives the sun’s powerful coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that can have profound “space weather” effects on Earth-based power … Continue reading

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