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Steven Schneider’s 1992 argument against balance in science reporting

Roger Tattersall, aka “Tallbloke” has an old story worth re-telling today in the “false balance” arguments being made about my appearance on PBS. Its’ all part of a strategy. He writes: Nice old cutting this, from the ‘Boston Sunday Globe’ … Continue reading

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Nature editorial dashes alarmist hopes of linking extreme weather events to global warming

Somewhere, Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. is polishing his red button and Bill McKibben, Joe Romm, and “forecast the facts” Brad Johnson are clawing their eyes out trying to unsee this. It is damning of their hyped up claims.- Anthony From … Continue reading

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NOAA’s ‘Janus moment’ – while claiming ‘The American public can be confident in NOAA’s long-standing surface temperature record’, they fund an experiment to investigate the effects of station siting and heat sinks/sources on temperature data

NOAA’s impersonation of the two faced god Janus just proved my point about station siting issues with their actions that speak louder than words. While there’s all this caterwauling about my PBS News hour interview, and my statements were apparently … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 3 number 13 – 2012 Arctic sea ice minimum reached, it’s all gain from here

I’ve been watching the JAXA sea ice data on the WUWT sea ice page intently for the last few days. Click to enlarge. I was ready to call the minimum this morning, but thought I’d get a second opinion, so … Continue reading

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Quote of the week, the hilarious EPIC FAIL of Dana Nuccitelli

This has been a weird week with my appearance on PBS Newshour. As Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters documents, the alarmosphere has gone beserk over my appearance on PBS. Watching it, it becomes clear they are in a panic. Even Ralph … Continue reading

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McIntyre on Lewandowsky’s Fake Correlation

Steve McIntyre takes Lewandowsky’s statistical screed to task and writes: Lewandowsky’s most recent blog post really makes one wonder about the qualifications at the University of West Anglia Western Australia. Lewandowsky commenced his post as follows: The science of statistics … Continue reading

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