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Ralph Nader: Dems running away from Global Warming debate

This video from C-Span of Ralph Nader is a surprising admission that really says it all. No matter how much whining and wailing there is about my appearance on PBS, there was one statement in that story that rings especially … Continue reading

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PBS backtracks due to viewer pressure

This just appeared on the PBS Blog, apparently the mere presence of my interview was enough to push NOAA into responding. It seems they are in full damage control mode. CLIMATE — September 18, 2012 at 6:08 PM EDT Climate … Continue reading

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230 comments later, PBS still can’t bring themselves to approve my comment and fix a transcription error

The amount of hate directed at me today due to my appearance on PBS yesterday has been, in climate parlance, “unprecedented”. Most of the objections were not with what I said, but rather that I was allowed to speak at … Continue reading

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Climate Models shown to be inaccurate less than 30 years out

From the University of Arizona (h/t to WUWT reader Miguel Rakiewicz): A new study has found that climate-prediction models are good at predicting long-term climate patterns on a global scale but lose their edge when applied to time frames shorter … Continue reading

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Global warming to kill fruit flies – and this is a bad thing?

Evolutionary straitjacket means flies can’t take the heat Many species of fruit fly lack the ability to adapt effectively to predicted increases in global temperatures and may face extinction in the near future, according to new research. In a study … Continue reading

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Statement/Update on ATI v. UVa/Mann

From The American Tradition Institute – September 18th, 2012 Yesterday the American Tradition Institute (ATI) participated in more than four hours of oral argument in the Prince William County Circuit Court, in its effort to have faculty emails which were paid … Continue reading

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ATI and the Mann case update

While I was a bit busy with other things (my PBS interview generated quite a lot of interest as well as hate mail) there was other news. Most notable was the ruling against ATI’s FOIA case with the University of … Continue reading

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