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The Full PBS Newshour interview with Watts, Muller, Curry and others

TRANSCRIPT from PBS.org a link to video follows JUDY WOODRUFF: Now to the debate over the magnitude of climate change, its impact, and the human role in it. Typically, the battle plays out among prominent climate scientists and a vocal … Continue reading

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My interview with PBS Newshour, now online

Here’s the story/transcript from Spencer Michels, along with video that follows. I have not seen the piece that will be airing nationally yet, and I don’t know how much of me they use, but this just appeared on the PBS … Continue reading

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I’ll be on the PBS Newshour tonight

I just got word from the producer, that I will be on the PBS Newshour tonight. This is a long segment on climate change that will include several notable people from the climate debate, including Dr. Richard Muller among others. … Continue reading

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Increased tropical rainfall – seems like a negative feedback to me…

From MIT via press release, bear in mind this is just more model output based on estimates from observations. That said, thunderstorms and hurricanes are simply heat engines, and they transport heat from the lower atmosphere to the higher atmosphere. … Continue reading

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The Daily Lew – Issue 6 – drill baby, drill.

LewWorld has increased its spin and is now “drilling into noise“. The resulting increased spin and precession looks to be creating dangerous wobble on LewWorld. Meanwhile while Lew is drilling for noise, McIntyre has tried to get the same results … Continue reading

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Climate Alarmism: Our sanity and wallets need a break

Billions of taxpayer dollars are disrupting our politics, science, energy policies and economy Guest post by Paul Driessen Pick up any 40-year-old science textbook – on chemistry, biology, geology, physics, astronomy or medicine – and you’ll find a slew of … Continue reading

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