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Paper demonstrates solar activity was at a grand maximum in the late 20th century

Solar activity measured by isotope proxies revealed the end of 20th century was the highest activity in 1200 years A 2010 paper (that I somehow missed) was recently highlighted by the blog The Hockey Schtick and I thought it worth … Continue reading

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How the IPCC handles ignores factual author corrections in AR4

Since the errors in IPCC AR3 were outed, there’s been this general view from the skeptical climate community at large and here on WUWT that the IPCC is collectively an elitist, pigheaded, organization, resistant to change.  Recall ‘Voodoo Science’, as … Continue reading

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‘Counterintuitive finding suggests that unexpected factors may govern a glacier’s response to climate change’

From the University at Buffalo, new evidence that large ice sheets can grow/disappear quickly on decadal scales in response to regional temperature changes. A descriptive video follows. How fast can ice sheets respond to climate change? Scientists report that prehistoric … Continue reading

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The Daily Lew – Issue 3

LewWorld is a busy place these days. Claims of conspiracy theory are supplemented with even more claims of conspiracy theory when some obvious flaws to data and methodology are pointed out, like faked responses. Faked responses abound in the Lewandowsky … Continue reading

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Dr Jeff Masters shows why siting (and instrumentation) matters – Death Valley steals all time temperature record from Libya

I had to chuckle when I read this. Dr. Jeff Masters writes about the newly discovered siting and instrumentation issues that takes away the all time temperature record from Libya. Let’s hope it doesn’t cause any riots. Masters writes: As … Continue reading

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Sea Level Acceleration: Not so Fast Recently

By Dr. Patrick Michaels from World Climate Report Sea level rise is a topic that we frequently focus on because of all the gross environmental alterations which may result from anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, it is perhaps the only one … Continue reading

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