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Law of unintended consequences bites the ‘white roof UHI solution’ – causes reduced rainfall

From Arizona State University Researchers emphasize evaluation of tradeoffs in battling urban heat island Urbanization will increase average temperatures in Arizona’s Sun Corridor and white roofs can combat that, but not without consequences for the region’s hydroclimate TEMPE, Ariz. – … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – climate change is not a joke

Last night at the DNC, President Obama released a climatic whopper to appease those donors that were threatening to withhold funds if he didn’t say something about climate in his speech. Prior to his speech, Joe Romm had the best … Continue reading

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Mike’s Amazon Trick

Over at Bishop Hill, there’s an eye opening story by Shub Niggurath about the orchestration of book reviews for Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars using John Cook’s “secret” forum for the climate “in” crowd. It is a … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky thinks failure to get or find email is conspiracy theory

Wow, this Lewandowsky story just keeps getting more bizarre. It’s like nothing I’ve even seen before. On DeSmog Blog, Lewandowsky says we are victims of “conspiratorial thinking” and promises “four more people will have egg on their faces.” Great, bring … Continue reading

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Fresh water flea panic – so it must be happening in the oceans too

From York University   – quite possibly the most poorly written science by press release I’ve seen this year. The leaps of “may” are profound, and the footbal team analogy is designed to elicit sympathy. I suppose if Daphnia populations were … Continue reading

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