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Sea Ice News Volume 3 number 12 – has Arctic sea ice started to turn the corner?

Nothing definitive, but interesting. The area plot above is from NANSEN. The extent plot also shows a turn: About these ads

About these ads
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Discovery News Category 6 hurricanes – ‘batshit stupid’

Hurricane expert Dr. Ryan Maue pulls no punches when it comes to putting John Abraham of the Climate Science Rapid Response Team in his place: Here’s what Abraham has to say at Discovery News: 

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NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day double blunder

Gee, the AGW meme seems to permeate everything these days. Here’s a place where I least expected it to show up, the venerable Astronomy Picture of the Day, one of the oldest running daily features on the Internet. The first … Continue reading

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Warming increases biodiversity, except when it doesn’t

From the University of York  news that warming increases biodiversity. Since that’s a buzzword in the biology protectors circle, you’d think they’d be happy about this. Nope. Research reveals contrasting consequences of a warmer Earth A new study, by scientists … Continue reading

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