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NOAA releases tranche of FOIA documents – 2 years later

Guest post by Christopher Horner, CEI. Today, NOAA finally delivered thousands of pages (hard copy, oddly, despite our request for electronic copies) of additional records that had been withheld during the deliberations over what to produce for a thorough FOIA … Continue reading

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Climate FAIL: GISS is presenting 2012 US temperature as ‘off the chart’, while preventing older data from being archived

UPDATE: 8/22/12 9AM The problem has been solved, GISS responded to my complaint -Anthony Like the erroneous graph at California Governor Jerry Brown’s climate denier slam site,  here’s another one of those things that I’ve been sitting on for about … Continue reading

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And it’s gone…Governor Brown’s office responds to WUWT

Sunday, I point out the glaring error in California Governor Jerry Brown’s website with a climate time-series that only showed 1/3 of the year, January-April: I got an email for the direct of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research … Continue reading

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Hurricane Warning; McKibben Alert

With Joe Bastardi stating an opening for an east coast hurricane is possible the next three weeks, it might be timely to submit this semi-humorous look at the dangers of an east coast hurricane versus the dangers of heeding Bill … Continue reading

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Has Trenberth’s missing heat been found? Southern Oceans are losing heat

A paper published August 20th in Geophysical Research Letters finds from newly deployed observation systems that the Southern Oceans show an annual net heat loss of -10 Wm-2. Key Points Southern Ocean air-sea fluxes are under-observed, leading to large uncertainty … Continue reading

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