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Apocalypse Not: I love the smell of skepticism in the morning

Matt Ridley has just had a tremendous essay published in WIRED magazine, one that everyone should take a few minutes to read, because it sums up the issues of all the end time fears, fallacies, and failures we have collectively … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – pissing away the CO2 alarm

From the FECYT – Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology  comes this hilarious bit of news pushed as serious science. I like the idea of a “potion”. It fits right up there with some of the other crazy CO2 sequestration … Continue reading

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Beefing up security on skeptical blogs

It has been noted that in the past week we have seen two prominent skeptic websites attacked: Jo Nova and The GWPF, the latter of which has been overtaken, and a message from the attackers replaced the home page. I … Continue reading

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2012: The Year Greenland Melted (AKA Alarmists Gone Wild)

Guest Post by David Middleton “Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt… Right On Time” I guess Professor Tedesco missed this… “Ice cores from Summit show that melting events of this type occur about once every 150 years on … Continue reading

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Climate and Drought Lessons from Ancient Egypt

From the USGS: Using Fossil Pollen to Augment Historical Records Ancient pollen and charcoal preserved in deeply buried sediments in Egypt’s Nile Delta document the region’s ancient droughts and fires, including a huge drought 4,200 years ago associated with the … Continue reading

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