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Fun puzzle: Name these official stations

Here’s a fun little puzzle for you, two older station siting photographs from former California State Climatologist, Jim Goodridge, circa the 1980′s. I had Jim find these because I was recently interviewed for a national network newscast, and when I … Continue reading

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More hype on Greenland’s summer melt

You may recall the bogus claim of “97% of Greenland Ice melted”, that was dialed back (REP’s last story on WUWT). Now there’s more of the same sort of stuff. See this PR, and note my bold for the money … Continue reading

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Warming alarmism spreads faster, like a virus

“West Nile virus spreads faster,” reads the USA Today headline on a story that doesn’t actually say anything about rate of spread, just that the virus is spreading, as one would expect for a pathogen that was first seen in … Continue reading

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Newly declassified document from Inspector General: U.S. climate change spending abroad is a mess

… more concerned with spending money than in monitoring its effectiveness.” From Fox News, which has the exclusive story: Inadequate oversight, lax bookkeeping, sloppy paperwork, haphazard performance agreements and missing financial documentation have plagued U.S. State Department spending of tens … Continue reading

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NASA seeing sprites

From the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center High above the clouds during thunderstorms, some 50 miles above Earth a different kind of lightning dances. Bursts of red and blue light, known as “sprites,” flash for a scant one thousandth of a … Continue reading

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