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Announcement – Robert Phelan, WUWT moderator, has died

UPDATE: Details on the wake, funeral, and memorial fund are below. Given the circumstances that I’ve just now learned about, I ask WUWT denizens to help the Phelan family with funeral costs in lieu of flowers. See the update below … Continue reading

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Not so hot – ocean temperatures around the USA are not anywhere near record levels

While there’s wailing and gnashing of teeth over the US CONUS surface temperature being the “hottest ever” a cursory review of the sea surface temperatures in U.S.Coastal waters shows no cause for alarm, as they aren’t even close to record … Continue reading

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Oxburgh’s Climate Madness

Lord Oxburgh (Of the famed Oxburgh non-inquiry of Climategate) was interviewed on Australia’s ABC radio recently Simon at Australian Climate Madness, has the audio, transcript, and story. Well worth a look and listen for the sheer ineptitude on display. Bishop … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – Climate Olympics

There’s too many scientific sports to include in one panel. I was really looking forward to seeing Josh’s rendition of the 400 Meter Skeptics Hurdles.

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More “Fracking” Nonsense About Earthquakes

Are the science journalists ignorant of science? Or are they intentionally misleading the public? Earthquakes triggered by fluids injected deep underground, such as during the controversial practice of fracking, may be more common than previously thought, a new study suggests.

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