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Dr. Michael Mann invokes the Streisand effect

https://www.facebook.com/MichaelMannScientist/posts/267470906700950 Now that Dr. Mann has drawn attention to it, even more people will want to read the National Review article “Football and Hockey” to find out what he’s so upset about. I didn’t even know about this article until … Continue reading

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Solar corona revealed in super-high-definition

From the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Today, astronomers are releasing the highest-resolution images ever taken of the Sun’s corona, or million-degree outer atmosphere, in an extreme-ultraviolet wavelength of light. The 16-megapixel images were captured by NASA’s High Resolution Coronal Imager, … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News – Volume 3 Number 8 – meltwater hues, or blues?

WUWT commenter Caleb writes on 2012/07/20 at 7:53 am Check out the “North Pole Camera” on the WUWT “Sea Ice Page.” Both Camera #1 and Camera #2 show lovely summer weather, and patches of melt-water atop the ice. One problem … Continue reading

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More on Koutsoyiannis and the homogenization of temperature data – plus some comments on blog review

First, correcting an error that originated with the blog The Hockey Schtick about not giving appropriate credit. Marcel Crok writes on De staat van het klimaat One of the basic principles of blogging is to give credit when credit is … Continue reading

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