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California Air Resources Board cap and trade program circumvents state open meeting laws with a Moonbeam assist

Strong headline, I know, but I didn’t believe this was true until I researched it myself. First some background; I once served as an elected official on my local school board. During orientation and virtually every annual CSBA meeting after … Continue reading

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AGU Letter: Journals Should Ask Authors to Publish Results

Dr. Leif Svalgaard directs my attention via email to this letter in Eos, Vol. 93, No. 29, 17 July 2012, which calls for more “open science” in the role of peer review, always a good thing. I’m repeating parts of … Continue reading

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Newly found weather records show 1930’s as being far worse than the present for extreme weather

The Heat Was On—Before Urbanization and Greenhouse Gases By Patrick Michaels on World Climate Report Sure is hot out! And what better time for a paper to appear in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology describing the construction of … Continue reading

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See if you can find the ‘legal threat’ to David Karoly

Steve McIntyre has posted his letter to David Karoly regarding Karoly’s book review, covered by WUWT here. Karoly responds with a suggestion he’s been given a ‘legal threat’. After reading McIntyre’s letter, I’m reminded of the non-existent death threats towards … Continue reading

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Still waiting for the CME from the X Class flare

Spaceweather.com writes: (link mine) The CME launched toward Earth by the July 12th X-flare has not yet arrived. However, we are still within the forecast window set by analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab. The cloud should hit at … Continue reading

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Study: Wolverines need refrigerators

[That headline is from the Wildlife Conservation Society press release, printed as is. And why do Wolverines need refrigerators? The climate is getting warmer of course.  - Anthony] Will insects and bacteria consume more of the wolverine’s food if the … Continue reading

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