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Chiefio Smith examines GHCN and finds it “not fit for purpose”

E.M. Smith over at the blog Musings from the Chiefio earlier this month posted an analysis comparing versions 1 and 3 of the GHCN (Global Historical Climate Network) data set.  WUWT readers may remember a discussion about GHCN version 3 … Continue reading

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More climate idiocy from California

If the looming spectre of rising electricity prices due to CARB’s upcoming “cap and trade” isn’t enough, now the Department of Water resources has opted to be less efficient by giving low cost electricity the boot. Somebody else will buy … Continue reading

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Satellite imagery of Colorado’s High Park Fire

To hear and read the MSM reports about this fire, you’d think that the entire states of Colorado and Wyoming were ablaze. Meanwhile, the usual paid advocates are already wailing about how the fires are supposedly exacerbated by “climate change”. … Continue reading

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Rio+20 is greatest threat to biodiversity

99% of species and humans are ill served by the 0.1% UN and environmentalist elites Guest post by Paul Driessen and David Rothbard The UN Conference on Sustainable Development is underway in Rio de Janeiro. This time, 20 years after … Continue reading

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New modeling analysis paper by Ross McKitrick

Dr. McKitrick’s new paper with Lise Tole is now online at Climate Dynamics. He also has an op-ed in the Financial Post on June 13. A version with the citations provided is here. Part II is here online, and the … Continue reading

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ARCUS June Sea Ice Outlook – The ‘New Normal’

From ARCUS: I’m late getting this posted, apologies. WUWT comes in third highest, same position we were last year. My thanks to Helen Wiggins for allowing us to enter again this year. – Anthony With 19 responses for the Pan-Arctic … Continue reading

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