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NASA: Study Finds Ancient Warming Greened Antarctica

It seems Antarctica once had vegetation and had a lot of rain. This artist’s rendition created from a photograph of Antarctica shows what Antarctica possibly looked like during the middle Miocene epoch, based on pollen fossil data. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Dr. … Continue reading

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Time Lags in the Climate System

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Did you ever sit on a hot sand beach and dig your hand down into the sand? You don’t have to dig very far before you get to cool sand … but even though it’s … Continue reading

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Sea Surface Temperature Approaching the Threshold of El Niño

Guest post by Bob Tisdale This post will serve as the sea surface temperature update for mid-June. The post also provides an update on the progress I’m making with my new book The Ignored Driver of Global Climate.  I’ve included … Continue reading

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Skeptic Jo Nova website offline

UPDATE: The website is back online after technical issues were resolved. Getting lots of notices from people via email, so figured I’d post this. Here’s what I know:

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Nature’s ugly decision: ‘Deniers’ enters the scientific literature

We’ve known for sometime that there’s an underlying, sometimes overt display of hatred towards climate skeptics. However, it generally never made it into science publications. Unfortunately, the editors  of the journal Nature Climate Change just made one of the ugliest … Continue reading

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Fracking the vote

People send me stuff. Today reader Eyal Porat sent a 1 minute video entered into this contest:

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Expansion of forests in the European Arctic could result in the release of carbon dioxide

From the University of Exeter , terrible news: Carbon stored in Arctic tundra could be released into the atmosphere by new trees growing in the warmer region, exacerbating climate change, scientists have revealed. The Arctic is getting greener as plant … Continue reading

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