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DALLAS: from “who shot JR?” to “methane hydrates will destroy the planet”

Ugh. Sigh, they can’t even just fight over Texas oil, cattle, and greed anymore, now they fight over  “alternate energy”. I just caught a few minutes of the Turner Network Television (TNT) reboot of the 70’s TV primetime drama “DALLAS”, … Continue reading

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SMOS Satellite imagery suggests NE passage to open soon – ‘primarily attributable to the wind’

From the Alfred Wegener Institute:   North-East Passage soon free from ice again? Winter measurements show thin sea ice in the Laptev Sea, pointing to early and large scale summer melt Bremerhaven, 8 June 2012, The North-East Passage, the sea … Continue reading

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A refreshing change on sea level policy – use historical data rather than model projections

An update to what we reported here yesterday  – Science vs AGW Advocacy in North Carolina, from HamptonRoads.com: N.C. Senate approves sea level calculation bill The North Carolina Senate has approved a bill that ignores scientists’ warnings of rising sea … Continue reading

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FOI reveals nasty hateful emails sent to Phil Jones right after Climategate

Bishop Hill is reporting that some ugly emails have been published due to FOI requests. He writes: In the wake of the death threats that weren’t at ANU, several people sent FOI requests to the University of East Anglia asking … Continue reading

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Hump Day Hilarity: Bringing in the sieves

Science by Lucia, cartoon by Josh. Josh writes: Yesterday Lucia sent me an email about the recent Gergis et al ‘on hold’ paper with the subject title “Do you understand the math enough to do a cartoon?”. My response was, … Continue reading

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New evidence of Younger Dryas extraterrestrial impact

From the University of California – Santa Barbara Study finds new evidence supporting theory of extraterrestrial impact (Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– An 18-member international team of researchers that includes James Kennett, professor of earth science at UC Santa Barbara, has … Continue reading

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