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Climate skeptic instructor fired from Oregon State University

Gordon Fulks sends this summary of the situation and asks that it be distributed. I’m happy to oblige. For some background on Dr. Drapela’s skeptical views, this slideshow “Global Warming Cracked Open” might give some insight into OSU’s booting him … Continue reading

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Mannian paint by numbers? Connect the UVa dots

[UPDATE: 4:30PM PST The plot thickens. Breitbart is reporting that Sullivan has a history with scientific misconduct charges, as well as investigations that exonerate without actually asking the tough questions. h/t to reader Holly Martin ] Hmmm, this is more … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness: I went to a hockey game and blog review broke out

Josh says: “Burn after reading.”

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Science vs AGW Advocacy in North Carolina

UPDATE: The bill has passed – see here Guest post by John Droz, Jr. What’s been happening recently in North Carolina (NC) is a microcosm of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) story: politics vs science, ad-hominems vs journalism, evangelists vs … Continue reading

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The Pacific Institute’s ‘non-confirmation confirmation’

Parsing the Pacific Institute (Reposted from Bishop Hill to give widest possible exposure) Jim Lindgren, writing at law blog the Volokh Conspiracy, has been parsing the Pacific Institute’s statement about reinstating Peter Gleick as president, and in particular the following phrase: … Continue reading

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In the Oil game, Russia has the longest suit to play

Guest post by David Archibald Logistic decline plots may be misleading when the production profile has been affected by political events. Nevertheless, Figure 1 shows a logistic decline plot for Russia’s conventional production. The result is in line with Russian … Continue reading

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Scientists claim: Greenhouse gases largely to blame for warming oceans

Another “the science is settled” moment. From the ABC: A new US-led study, featuring research by Tasmanian scientists, has concluded that warming ocean temperatures over the past 50 years are largely a man-made phenomenon. Researchers from America, India, Japan and … Continue reading

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