2012 Annular solar eclipse – followup

Readers may remember that my family and I made a mad dash through northern California into Nevada trying to get ahead of clouds. Readers may remember this “perfect” image taken by my lovely wife that we uploaded to WUWT from a Starbucks in Fernley, NV.

Seen from Pyramid Lake, NV 6:30PM PST May 20th, 2012, Photo by Stacey Watts Canon 1D ND400 filter plus G filter

Hold that thought, because we have created a new image: 

What you see above is actually a new 20″x30″ limited edition print. We got a lot of requests via email for the original, so decided to make a true high quality piece of art out of the event by making a collage of the shots leading up to and after the “totality” of the annular eclipse.

The spot where we photographed it from was right on the center line, as shown below by the marker:

This is printed on very heavy paper, individually numbered, and shipped in a sturdy cardboard shipping tube with the print wrapped in plastic to avoid scuffing. This is a limited edition of 200 prints. They look great framed with a black frame.

For Orders in the United States

- go here and then choose quantity. PayPal/credit cards accepted.

The price now includes FREE SHIPPING in the USA (previously, we had set the print purchase and shipping cost separate, but this created problems, this new way saves both you and I some money).

I hope you don’t mind this bit of commercialism here, but the camera used was my gift to my wife, something she’d always wanted, that I gave to her after our scare with breast cancer. We still have medical bills (Obamacare doesn’t help) from that we are slowly paying off, so this seemed like a good way to get some of those knocked down. Of course if Exxon would just send me that big check I’m told all us skeptics get, that problem would be solved. ;-)

Thanks for your consideration. – Anthony

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33 Responses to 2012 Annular solar eclipse – followup

  1. Brian Johnson uk says:

    The postage to the UK, $123.94 seems excessive?

    REPLY: YOWser, that can’t be right. let me see what is going on there, please try again in a while – Anthony

  2. Anthony Watts says:

    OK I got the shipping snafu fixed for international mail, try again. Thanks

  3. Jenn Oates says:

    Only 200? Aaaackkkk! Payday is so far away!!

    These are awesome!

    REPLY: We may do more, but didn’t figure the demand would be that high. – Anthony

  4. Bill Jamison says:

    Mind? I think it’s awesome! Your wife did an incredible job getting those pics and it’s cool for you to share them with the world both here online and by selling prints.

  5. Jenn Oates says:

    Norway Christmas is DONE.

    Thanks, Anthony and Stacey!

  6. Anteros says:

    Ebay tells me it won’t ship to the UK [at any price :) ]

  7. Anthony Watts says:

    Anteros – Yeah I’m pretty fed up with Ebay tonight, been trying to get this shipping thing right, and they either charge insane amounts or won’t ship there at all. Its nuts.

    UPDATE: Try it now, I’ve added International post for Canada, UK, AU – see if that works – Anthony

  8. Ha! You should try working with eBay outside the US where they insist on foreigners filling in US Postal Service charges. Also, if someone rorts the system, they just don’t want to know you. That’s said as a seller of many thousand items since 1999.
    But, to the theme, the image by your wife Stacey is particularly striking and well-conceived. Top marks.
    Any market for my rare image just AFTER the Venus transit, which won’t happen again fror over a century?

  9. Truthseeker says:

    I have already got the first picture as a wallpaper on my work PC, I may take this image as a replacement if that is not infringing any copyright rules …

  10. Jenn Oates says:

    You could try Etsy, I’ve had good luck with it.

  11. Brian Johnson uk says:

    It works OK now………
    Great pic [Mrs W] and cheap at £32.50 including UK delivery postage……

    Thanks AW, good luck with those bills.

  12. I would set up a PayPal shopping cart button for these prints, not an eBay auction. PayPal has been working smoothly for my international customers who have been purchasing my astronomy posters. Best of luck with the sales!

  13. Anteros says:

    Anthony –
    Your efforts have been rewarded. Ebay is now happy to send a copy here to me in London – and I’m equally happy to order one. Thanks

  14. Telboy says:

    Great Image, and the international postage rates seem to have been fixed now. Looking forward to getting it. Well done Mrs. W!

  15. Anthony Watts says:

    I took Erik Anderson’s advice, and set up a PayPal shopping cart button for these prints for sale in the USA. See the page updated above with two links.

    For International Sales, that is still going to be handled by Ebay for now since I didn’t have time to learn the ins/outs for international shipping (maybe next time). Hopefully this will work out smoother for this short sale.

    I apologize for the early hiccups related to the crazy shipping costs.

  16. Stephen Richards says:

    Stunning !!

  17. oMan says:

    Please congratulate your wife on an awesome (and beautiful) picture. I am sure it will sell out quickly.

  18. HankHenry says:

    You better change ” This is a limited edition of 200″ to “This is a first edition of 200″ if you’re thinking about printing more.

  19. Matthew W says:

    Well done Mrs. Watts !!

  20. TRBixler says:

    Thank you Mrs. Watts.


  21. Physics Major says:


    I ordered one. I hope the lovely Stacy will sign it for me.

    Robert Simpson

    PS – I don’t think that you need to chage CA sales tax when you ship out of state.

  22. Randall Harris says:

    What a great series of photographs. I am glad you put them together in one photo.

  23. David, UK says:

    I must confess I’m not a very arty person – but something about that collage is really captivating. I love it!

  24. Wyguy says:

    TY Stacy & Anthony, have ordered one and sent site info to non blog reading friends. A truly great photo.

  25. dp says:

    It is perfectly fitting, Anthony, that you visited Pyramid Lake in that it is the largest remnant of Lake Lahontan, one of the largest glacial lakes in the US. If anyone is curious, The growth and disappearance of Lake Lahontan is what true, believable climate change looks like. These little fluctuations we’re having since the disappearance of that vast lake are just that.

  26. TDBraun says:

    I had troubles ordering one from EBay, with the PayPal.
    Is it on Amazon?

    REPLY: No sorry

  27. Jean Meeus says:

    In the text about the order, it is said that “It was the first annular eclipse in 18 years”. This is not correct. You are confusing with the Saros period. Since the year 2000, there have been annular solar eclipses on 2001 December 14, 2002 June 10, 2003 May 31, 2005 October 3, 2006 September 22, 2008 February 7, 2009 January 26, and 2010 January 15.
    The next annulars will occur on 2013 May 10, 2014 April 29, 2016 September 1, etc.

    REPLY: Yep, you are right, I confused it with the saros period. I’ll fix that.

  28. Sean says:

    One Ring to rule them all,
    One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all
    and in the climate bind them.

  29. Nial says:

    Antony, can you and your wife sign it so in 10 years when you’re internstionally recognised as “Sir Saviour of Sense” it’ll be worth more than we paid for it? :-)

  30. thelastdemocrat says:

    Great timing! Now that I don’t have to pay the Wisconsin state govt money that will be passed on to the Wisc teacher’s union, I can use that handful of extra bucks in my pocket for something worthwhile!

  31. neill says:

    Stacy has quite the trigger finger. I’m making my list, checking it twice. You may have to print more….

  32. Barbee says:

    I am captivated, thanks for sharing.
    Bet this would be awesome as a back lit gel (in a light box)

  33. Barbee says:

    Item arrived in the mail (from Costco) yesterday in perfect condition. It’s GORGEOUS!
    The photo on the blog doesn’t come close to how crystal clear and striking the actual image is.

    Awesome job. Thank you, Stacey!

    P.S. People: Buy this.
    You will NOT be disappointed.

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