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Heartland doubled the number of individual donors since Peter Gleick’s Fakegate scandal

Jim Lakely, Heartland’s communications director, takes Daniel Souweine of the TV meteorologist hassling group Fabricate Forecast the Facts to task in this piece on the Heartland blog: Reports of Heartland’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated By Jim Lakely Yesterday, the boss … Continue reading

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A Mann walks into a bar…

…and retweets from his phone: Twitter / caerbannog666: CRU now uses NMS homogeniz [Retweeted by Michael Mann] CRU now uses NMS homogenized data. Want NMS raw data? Ask NMS’s for it. WUWT’ers too dumb to figure that out. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/06/01/phi …

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Holy cow! EPA exposed to be using aerial surveillance on Midwest feedlots

From Omaha.com, more indications that the EPA is out of control. I’m beginning to think the EPA is an enemy of the citizens of the United States with behavior like this. I guess we’ll need genetically engineered cattle with built … Continue reading

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What can we learn from the Mauna Loa CO2 curve?

Guest post by Lance Wallace The carbon dioxide data from Mauna Loa is widely recognized to be extremely regular and possibly exponential in nature. If it is exponential, we can learn about when it may have started “taking off” from … Continue reading

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WUWT gets results

Readers may recall yesterday that I posted this story : As hurricane season starts, the FSU hurricane season forecast is the odd man out citing “active”. This was from the FSU press release at Eurekalert here which headlines “Hurricane season … Continue reading

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So Dinosaurs Could Fly ! – Part I

A look at diminishing atmospheric pressure Guest post by Andi Cockroft In an unrelated article of mine on Isostacy and Mean Sea Level posted here, I mentioned in passing a thesis paper by Theresa Cole (here) and here: ColeTheresaN2011MSc – … Continue reading

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