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Annular Solar Eclipse 2012 – data and images

I’ve been asked to provide some information on the upcoming eclipse Sunday, so here it is. I’ll actually miss the first part of the Heartland conference (Sunday night and Monday) due to the promise to my children we’d see this … Continue reading

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Pollution enhanced thunderstorms warm the planet?

From the DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a new paper in GRL saying something that doesn’t make much sense to me. As shown in the diagram above, thunderstorms transport heat from the lower troposphere upwards. The heat source at the base … Continue reading

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The question put to Dr. Mann at Disneyland today

UPDATE: 12:55PM Dr. Mann ducks a TV station reporter who requested an interview afterwards, see below. Steve McIntyre recently published a new graph on his website Climate Audit. Alerted to the fact that Dr. Mann would be speaking at the … Continue reading

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Dr. Mann goes to Disneyland

It seems Dr. Michael Mann has been invited to speak at a water conference. I’m wondering if his buddy, Dr. Peter Gleick was invited or not. The program is interesting, because they ask this question: BALDERDASH or RISK? Climate Change: … Continue reading

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Megafire study suggests today’s megafires, at least in the southwestern U.S., are atypical

From SMU (Southern Methodist University) comes this press release which really isn’t surprising. North America didn’t have a forest fire suppression program for the last 1400 years, so there wasn’t a fuel buildup issue like we have today, forest floors … Continue reading

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Integrity Score: ClimateBites 1, Mann 0

ClimateBites Tom Smerling writes: …I would have preferred that Mann had stopped with the quote above, but he added “I will call people who deny the science ‘deniers.’ I won’t be deterred by the fact that they don’t like the … Continue reading

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