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A Blast From The Past: James Hansen on ‘The Global Warming Debate’ from 13 years ago

Guest post by Floyd Doughty Some years ago when I was investigating the climate change issue in my spare time, I ran across a short article by James Hansen on the GISS website under “Education Resource Materials”, dated January, 1999. … Continue reading

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On the climate, the holocaust, denial, billboards, and all that

Over at Climate Depot, Marc Morano wonders why Andrew Revkin is calling attention to an article linking Holocaust denial to “climate denial”. He writes: What’s up with NYT’s Revkin? He touts essay: ‘A look at denial, from Holocaust to climate … Continue reading

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Palrimentary procedure

Josh captures The ‘not so great and not so good’ essence highlighted by Steve McIntyre. Bishop Hill writes in Acton and parliamentary privilege: Steve McIntyre notes UEA’s recent submission to an Information Tribunal hearing. McIntyre had pointed out that UEA’s vice-chancellor, … Continue reading

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Hansen’s ‘Game Over for the Climate’ op-ed

This op-ed appeared in the New York Times today, and since it was written by a government employee, using his NASA title at the end of the article, I consider it a public domain work reproducible here. I see what … Continue reading

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New ice loss unit – the New Jersey

From the University of Texas at Austin, an ice shelf as big as New Jersey might collapse, if conditions are right. Tipping points and all that. I suspect this gives notice to the press that we are switching from Manhattans … Continue reading

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Solar cycle update for April – sun still slumping

Got a bit sidetracked earlier in the month, this is overdue for an update. Earlier we reported that Hathaway had updated his solar cycle prediction saying “…the predicted size makes this the smallest sunspot cycle in about 100 years. “. … Continue reading

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UAH Global temperature, up in April

UAH Global Temperature Update for April 2012: +0.30°C By Dr. Roy Spencer The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly increased again in April, 2012, to +0.30°C., with warming in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, but slightly cool conditions persisting in … Continue reading

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