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East Anglia Climatic Research Unit shown to be liars by results of latest FOIA ruling and investigation

This will be a top sticky post for a day or two – new stories appear below this one. In the over 7,000 published stories here on WUWT, I have never used the word “liar” in the headline to refer … Continue reading

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Tuvalu flooding FAIL – no supermoon tide of any significance

Told ya so. In I Feel a FAIL Coming On – Will Tuvalu Survive ‘Super moon’? Andi Cockroft pointed out that there was the usual media disaster hype, and the reality of what perigee moons actually do to affect tides, which isn’t … Continue reading

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The Bern Model Puzzle

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Although it sounds like the title of an adventure movie like the “Bourne Identity”, the Bern Model is actually a model of the sequestration (removal from the atmosphere) of carbon by natural processes. It allegedly … Continue reading

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