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McIntyre’s rebuttal of Michael Mann’s pants-on-fire book

Steve McIntyre is back blogging and writes (links mine): I had also spent some time considering a response to Mann’s book. It amazes me that a reputable scientific community would take this sort of diatribe seriously. Mann’s world is populated … Continue reading

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Why there cannot be a global warming consensus

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley In a previous post, I explained that many of the climate-extremists’ commonest arguments are instances of logical fallacies codified by Aristotle in his Sophistical Refutations 2300 years ago. Not the least of these is the … Continue reading

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IPCC Models vs Observations – Land Surface Temperature Anomalies for the Last 30 Years on a Regional Basis

Guest post by Bob Tisdale In two posts about a year ago and more recently in my book, we compared the satellite-based sea surface temperature anomalies and CMIP3-based climate model simulations on an ocean-basin basis. Refer to Satellite-Era Sea Surface … Continue reading

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Newsbytes – the ungreening of Germany

Germany Building 17 New Coal, 29 New Gas-Fired Power Stations From Dr. Benny Peiser at The GWPF German utilities and private investors have plans to construct or modernise some 84 power stations, energy and water industry association BDEW said on … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2012: Top 10 Positive Climate Developments

by Chip Knappenberger on Master Resource The scientific findings of the human influence on the climate system have been, and perhaps will always be, a mixed bag. Assuming strong positive feedback effects, and thus a high climate sensitivity, it certainly … Continue reading

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BREAKING: James Lovelock backs down on climate alarm

MSNBC reports that the lack of temperature rise in the last 12 years has convinced environmentalist James Lovelock ( The Gaia Hypothesis) that the climate alarmism wasn’t warranted. From his Wikipedia entry: Writing in the British newspaper The Independent in … Continue reading

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An Ocean of Overconfidence

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I previously discussed the question of error bars in oceanic heat content measurements in “Decimals of Precision“. There’s a new study of changes in oceanic heat content, by Levitus et al., called “World Ocean Heat … Continue reading

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Klotzbach and Gray 2012 forecast – cooler Atlantic – fewer hurricanes

EXTENDED RANGE FORECAST OF ATLANTIC SEASONAL HURRICANE ACTIVITY AND LANDFALL STRIKE PROBABILITY FOR 2012 We anticipate that the 2012 Atlantic basin hurricane season will have reduced activity compared with the 1981-2010 climatology. The tropical Atlantic has anomalously cooled over the … Continue reading

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