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Warming in the USHCN is mainly an artifact of adjustments

Dr. Roy Spencer proves what we have been saying for years, the USHCN (U.S. Historical Climatology Network) is a mess compounded by a bigger mess of adjustments. ============================================================== USHCN Surface Temperatures, 1973-2012: Dramatic Warming Adjustments, Noisy Trends Guest post by … Continue reading

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Tornado outbreak expected through tomorrow from Texas to Nebraska

I’ve been watching this with concern, and NOAA just had a press briefing on the issue today. It seems we are headed for the “perfect storm”. The convective outlook from SPC yesterday showed strong potential for Friday/Saturday. Today’s SPC forecast … Continue reading

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Weather cows

This was the view from near my home today. Cows on Bidwell Ranch acting like a weather-vane…all pointed north, due to a strong south wind with stinging rain…and who needs stinging wind in your face?

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Friday Funny – expert opinion

While Dr. Richard Feynman famously said: Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts. Josh notes that climatologists do it with crystal balls…

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Dronning Maud Meets the Little Ice Age

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I have to learn to keep my blood pressure down … this new paper, “Abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age triggered by volcanism and sustained by sea-ice/ocean feedbacks“, hereinafter M2012, has me shaking my head. … Continue reading

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How airports like BWI help set outlier high temperature records

Mark Johnson, Chief Meteorologist of WEWS in Cleveland writes: A friend of mine, Justin Berk, a local TV Met in Baltimore, MD had this story to tell today: “There’s something fishy going on at BWI (Baltimore International Airport),” he says. … Continue reading

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