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March 2012 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update – A New Look

Guest post by Bob Tisdale THE ADDITION OF CMIP3 (IPCC AR4) HINDCASTS/PROJECTIONS TO GRAPHS I’ve added a new feature to the graphs of the monthly sea surface temperature updates on a trial basis, and it is the multi-model mean of … Continue reading

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Shakun, Not Stirred, and Definitely Not Area-Weighted

I’d like to highlight one oddity in the Shakun et al. paper, “Global warming preceded by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations during the last deglaciation” (Shakun2012), which I’ve discussed here and here. They say: The data were projected onto a 5°x5° grid, … Continue reading

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Too many cooks spoil the carbon footprint

From the American Chemical Society  it seems that newer is not always better. Even Yale environment360 bought into this idea. I should add that I’m all for reducing carbon soot, but in the zealous rush for solutions, sometimes too many … Continue reading

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Hilarious! Gore-Olbermann email exchange “leaked”

From the Daily Caller: Keith Olbermann and Al Gore: the secret emails revealed By Jamie Weinstein and Wil Rahn – The Daily Caller   10:59 PM 04/08/2012 On March 30th, Current TV terminated its relationship with outspoken liberal anchor Keith … Continue reading

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