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NASA’s Hansen tries to tell Slovenia not to build a power plant

This really is abuse of Hansen’s position at NASA, what next? Meanwhile China keeps building coal plants, where’s your letter to them Jim? Of course  China would tell Hansen to go suck rocks, and Hansen knows it, so he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Please upgrade your browser to view WUWT

I’ve been getting a lot of support emails like this, so I figured it is time to bring the issue front and center: Thought I would let you know that for the past week or two, I’m having a problem … Continue reading

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Well, that didn’t take long to run the “climate is severe weather” scare story

The tornadic outbreak in Dallas is barely over and already there’s a rush to scare the public over non-existent links between tornadoes and climate. The Daily Caller reports: On the Tuesday broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” CNN meteorologist Alexandra Steele declared … Continue reading

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Update on Fakegate – what we know so far

Background on Fakegate from The Heartland Institute 1. What is Fakegate? On February 14, 2012, an environmental activist named Peter Gleick sent to liberal activists and sympathetic journalists several documents he stole from The Heartland Institute, along with a fake … Continue reading

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EU Climate Policy In Freefall

From The GWPF via Dr. Benny Peiser Sagging carbon prices lost nearly 14% of their value yesterday (2 April) as recession and a warm winter sparked a predicted 2.6% drop in carbon emissions from the 10,000 installations covered by the … Continue reading

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Proxy Science and Proxy Pseudo-Science

Guest post by Pat Frank It’s become very clear that most published proxy thermometry since 1998 [1] is not at all science, and most thoroughly so because Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick revealed its foundation in ad hoc statistical numerology. … Continue reading

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I’m not waiting by the phone for the Nobel committee to call

I was rather surprised to see this interview in Physics World with Dr. Richard Muller (h/t to Bishop Hill) with this praise. “If Watts hadn’t done his work, we would not have reliable data today. The fact that he did … Continue reading

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