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Rewriting history: “treatment” of climate sceptics disappears from University of Oregon press statement

UPDATE: University of Oregon responds, see Update #3 below. I’ve been purposely ignoring this ugly pronouncement related to “Planet Under Pressure“, because well, it was just so beyond ugly and it brought up visions of the Soviet politburo defining political … Continue reading

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Another Obama sanctioned taxpayer funded boondoggle goes bellyup

From WSJ: The financial pipeline was cut short before engineers could begin operating the Blythe Solar Power Project, a 1,000-megawatt system with capacity to power 300,000 homes, according to the company. … The company filed for Chapter 11 protection Monday, … Continue reading

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300 soundings from 19th century compared to Argo data

From the University of California – San Diego Scripps Institute, you gotta love the subheading in this PR. I didn’t know robots could travel back in time. Gosh, I learn something new every day. Apparently 300 soundings done by the HMS Challenger between … Continue reading

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Josh relieves the pressure

Matt Ridley’s wonderful book The Rational Optimist provided some upbeat fodder for Reader’s Digest which Matt has posted on his blog. As it has been ‘Planet under pressure‘ week I thought I would join in.

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No lessons learned from Climategate ? Fred Pearce and the New Scientist attack anti-nuclear book

Guest post by Martin Cohen When philosopher and long-standing climate sceptic Martin Cohen, and distinguished energy economist Andrew McKillop published a book on nuclear economics [2], they expected it to arouse the hackles of the nuclear establishment. But they had not … Continue reading

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Weather modeling> climate modeling> malaria

From the University of Liverpool it seems they are confusing seasonal scale weather with climate. Climate model to predict malaria outbreaks in India Scientists from the University of Liverpool are working with computer modelling specialists in India to predict areas of the … Continue reading

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Planet under Pressure conference, London: Final statement

From the Earth System Science Partnership International scientific community issues first “State of the Planet Declaration” Scientists issued the first “State of the Planet” declaration at a major gathering of experts on global environmental and social issues in advance of the … Continue reading

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