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Whole lotta watts added to the atmosphere

I loved the way James Russell described CO2 molecules as “natural thermostats” Solar Storm Dumps Gigawatts into Earth’s Upper Atmosphere A recent flurry of eruptions on the sun did more than spark pretty auroras around the poles.  NASA-funded researchers say … Continue reading

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Information on the GOES-15 outage

If you watch storms on the USA west coast, then you have probably been wondering why GOES WEST satellite imagery has not been updating. The reason is that the satellite is down, and is being recovered to operational status. Here’s … Continue reading

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NRC’s 2011 ‘Climategate’

Guest post by Rud Istvan Excerpted from book in progress Arts of Truth Based on the forthcoming Gaia, Musings on Sustainability © 2012 Rud Istvan   There is a recent example of artful lack of disclosure in the climate change … Continue reading

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Letters, I get letters

Note: This letter to WUWT from Sherri Quammen was received today at at 1:47 PM PST  and titled as: A “do it yourself” home global warming test. I present it in entirety, unedited, with appropriate citations for spelling and the … Continue reading

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I guess we must be having an effect

This ad has been running on some WUWT stories, urging people to save the EPA from the “deniers” that are apparently “running the conversation”. Heh. When you see the ad, clicking on it allows you to use a form to … Continue reading

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All-Time Snowfall Records Fall Across Western Oregon & SW Washington

Vancouver, Washington (March 22nd 2012) – “Many cities across Western Oregon and Southwest Washington are setting all-time cold and snowfall records for this late in the season. Since Tuesday night, the Willamette Valley has been blanketed with anywhere from 2″ … Continue reading

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More evidence the Medieval Warm Period was global

UPDATE: 3/30/12 Since a number of commenters that are getting bent out of shape over the issue can’t apparently be bothered to read the paper, and since the authors at Syracuse themselves are under pressure because the alarmosphere has gone … Continue reading

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A Mann and his throne

Josh of Cartoons by Josh wrote to me via email today of his latest cartoon about Mike Mann’s book. He writes: With Mike Mann’s book still getting good coverage in various corners of the media I felt another cartoon was … Continue reading

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