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Finally somebody comes right out and says it: climate + world governance is a match made in green heaven

To be effective, a new set of institutions would have to be imbued with heavy-handed, transnational enforcement powers. Skeptics get scoffed at when we say the burdensome regulations that have been and have been sought to be imposed by the … Continue reading

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‘Cap and Trade’ fails for lack of incentives

Well, duh. From the DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory New research suggests cap and trade programs do not provide sufficient incentives for innovation Cap and trade programs to reduce emissions do not inherently provide incentives to induce the private sector to … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 3, #2

In today’s report Arctic Sea Ice on the rise again, presently in the range of normal levels Antarctic Sea Ice is at slightly above normal levels Why is early satellite data for Arctic and Antarctic Ice extent referenced in the … Continue reading

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The climate of history – condemned to repeat it

Are you now or have you ever been a global warming denier? Guest post by David Ross Some have suggested that the Fakegate affair has been discussed enough. They are wrong. Peter Gleick is a minor figure in climate science … Continue reading

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