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DeSmog Blog headed back to obscurity

The blog that broke created the Fakegate story, only to have it blow up in their faces when skeptics fingered Peter Gleick as the culprit, forcing him to admit that he’d been the one to steal the documents from Heartland, … Continue reading

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Aussie government proposes unlimited speech regulation, names climate skeptics and Labor critics as targets

Guest post by Alec Rawls Andrew Bolt has been blogging for the past week about the totalitarian tendencies in the just released “Media Inquiry” commissioned by Australia’s Labor government. This “Finkelstein Report” advocates unlimited regulation of virtually all published and … Continue reading

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Heartland Institute Responds to Rep. Markey Letter on ‘Fakegate’

My response to Markey’s nosy letter would have been far less wordy. Two words would probably have been sufficient. The Heartland media release from today is below. The Heartland Institute Responds to Rep. Markey Letter on ‘Fakegate’ MARCH 15, 2012 … Continue reading

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Australian temperature records shoddy, inaccurate, unreliable

Via Jo Nova, an Australian Surface Stations Project has just reported its results. The BOM say their temperature records are high quality. An independent audit team has just produced a report showing that as many as 85 -95% of all … Continue reading

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Recent solar flare seen bombarding Earth with gamma rays

From the “Oh noes it’s Radiation” department, Dr. Leif Svalgaard points out we all got a gamma ray bath on that recent big solar flare. I wonder how many Banana Equivalent Doses we all got?

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10 Billion Butterfly Sneezes

More chaos than you can shake a stick at. Guest post by Andi Cockroft (Anyone familiar with the Moody Blues should recognise the title – from “Higher and Higher”) As some will have learned by now, I do not possess … Continue reading

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Solar Update March 2012

by David Archibald Figure 1: Heliospheric Current Sheet Tilt Angle 1976 – 2012 The heliospheric current sheet tilt angle is currently at 67°. Solar maximum occurs when it reaches 74° – so a little bit further to go.

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WSJ pans ‘climate warrior’ Michael Mann in book review.

All I can say is “ouch”! Mann of course will be sending his usual letter to the editor whining about unfair treatment. He’s really just misunderstood you see. Excerpts from the review by Anne Jolis: The book’s climax is a … Continue reading

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