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Boiling Oceans and Burning Reputations with James Hansen

Guest post by James Padgett If the average person was asked to describe the runaway greenhouse effect, and given a bit of prep time, how would they do it? Most people would type it into their favorite search engine which … Continue reading

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NASA on the snow and the mild winter – AGW not mentioned

Despite the wailings at various blogs and news outlets about this mild winter in the USA being the result of global warming, NASA says otherwise. Not a mention of AGW, CO2, or any of that blame game can be found … Continue reading

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Unsustainable: CSUC Campus cops ditching Diggler electric scooters

From the Chico Enterprise Record This is another one of those “brilliant” sustainable ideas by the sustainability cabal at Chico State University (inspired by Dr. Mark Stemen) gone horribly wrong. Looking at the photo, you just have to laugh. Cops … Continue reading

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Roy Spencer on ‘the Alabama Two-Step’

I have been badgered repeatedly to carry “Slayer” articles on WUWT, and with the exception of one cartoon by Josh, I have refused to do so since I view the work (and its derivatives) as pointless and fatally flawed. In … Continue reading

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Forensic analysis of the fake Heartland ‘Climate Strategy Memo’ concludes Peter Gleick is the likely forger

Readers may recall that on February 22nd, I offered up some open source stylometry/textometry software called JGAAP (Java Graphical Authorship Attribution Program), with a suggestion that readers make use of it to determine the authorship of the faked Heartland strategy memo … Continue reading

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NOAA SWPC updates their solar cycle graphs – 3rd straight month of dropping sunspot numbers

Normally, I run this post around the end of the first week of the month, but this month there was a problem. NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) botched the March SSN graph with incorrect data and was somewhat reticent … Continue reading

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Judith Curry and Ross McKitrick on Demon Coal

Wayne Delbeke writes in with: There was a very good CBC radio program referenced in one of the comments today and I thought I would bring it to your attention here. http://www.cbc.ca/ideas/episodes/2012/03/12/demon-coal-part-1/ =========================================================== Coal is dirty, toxic, abundant and cheap. … Continue reading

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