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Scafetta prediction widget update

By Dr. Nicola Scafetta It is time to update my widget comparing the global surface temperature, HadCRUT3 (red and blue), the IPC 2007 projection (green) and my empirical model (black thick curve and cyan area) based on a set of … Continue reading

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Another GISS miss: warming in the Arctic – the adjustments are key

GHCN Temperature Adjustments Affect 40% Of The Arctic By Paul Homewood                          Before                                                           After There has been much discussion recently about temperature adjustments made by GHCN in Iceland and Greenland, which have had the effect of reducing historic temperature levels, thereby … Continue reading

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Experiment- please provide feedback

Per my post yesterday A note about WUWT fonts, readability, etc I’m going to try turning off the Google ads for a few hours. Those that have had font display issues, please advise if this cures the problem. Then I … Continue reading

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Shollenberger’s Technical Review of Mann’s recent book

Readers may recall this posting A detailed review of Mann’s book: The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars as it relates to the Wegman report to Congress. This post today is a continuation of that review, with more in-depth technical … Continue reading

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