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Nigel Calder reports on “Yet another trick of cosmic rays”

Reblogged from Calder’s Updates In the climax to the Danes’ experiments, cloud seeds flout the theories Near to the end of the story that starts with stars exploding in the Galaxy and ends with extra clouds gathering, a small but … Continue reading

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Climate Science and Special Relativity

Guest post by Andi Cockroft One cannot help but notice the events of the past few weeks (nay months if you include Climategate II), and the ad hominem attacks on both sides. Fred Singer in his recent post here would have … Continue reading

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Tornado outbreak tracking

By Rob Gutro NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center A satellite animation of NOAA’s GOES-13 satellite imagery showed the movement of the front that triggered severe storms and tornadoes in several states on February 29, 2012. Today, NASA released a GOES … Continue reading

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NASA and multi-year Arctic ice and historical context

Over at NASA, they have a press release about old Arctic sea ice disappearing since 1980, including a helpful comparison widget that splits the before and after for comparison. I’ll run it in full below followed by comments. NASA Finds … Continue reading

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Follow the money – why Heartland is a big threat

I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve been sent some new data, after seeing it, I’ve decided that The Heartland Institute is actually a terrible threat to science in the USA. As “Deep Throat” famously said (in the movie), “follow … Continue reading

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Nature endorses open source software in journal submissions

Ron Dean writes in Tips and Notes: Interesting article about Nature editorial endorsing open source software for journal submissions. No mention of climate models, but it certainly seems to play in their insistence for reproducibility . The money quote: “Reproducibility … Continue reading

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